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Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass

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Curve Insulated Glass consists of two or more than two pieces of glass. The different pieces of glass are isolated through aluminum tubes whose insides are filled with desiccant air or argon, sealed with polysulphide sealantto form glass with dry space.


1. Energy-saving, better thermal or cold insulation performance;

2. Safty, anti-windy performance is 1.5 times of normal monolithic glass;

3. Sound insulation;

4. Light weight.

                    Glass substrate                    Kind                    White glass, color glass, ultra-white glass, sunlight control coated glass, Low-e glass, etc.
                    Thickness                    4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm、19mm
                    Color                    Transparent, blue, gray, blue gray, green, brown, etc
                    Width of aluminum strip(mm)                    6、9、12、15、20、25
                    Hollow layer gas                    Air, Argon
                    U value(W/M2.K)                    Minimum 1.0 (depending on glass type and spacer thickness)
                    Visible Light Transmittance                    20-80%(According to glass type)
                    Sealant                    Double seal: the first 1 is imported butyl rubber, and the second is hollow sealant or structural adhesive
                    Glass size                    Maximum                    2440mm×4200mm
                    Minimum                    300mm×300mm

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