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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

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A kind of high-grade safety glass formed after adhesive materials [PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film are put between two or more than two pieces of glass to stick together under high temperature and pressure.


1. Safety: The laminated glass inlaid in buildings will still completely remain in the original frame when impacted by any external force even if the glass gets broken, persons inside and outside the buildings will not be hurt by the splashing glass fragments. Can resistant hurricane, earthquake, burglary, burst and bullets;

2. Decoration: Different tinted inter layer will harmonize the building appearances to meet the demand of architects;

3. Anti-UV: Effectively block UV rays in the sunlight as high as over 99%, energy saving;

4. Anti-noisy: PVB film can obstruct and absorb sound so as to reduce noise.

                    Glass substrate                    Kind                    White glass, color glass, ultra-white glass, sunlight control coated glass, Low-e glass, etc.
                    Thickness                    4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、15mm、19mm
                    PVB film                    Thickness                    0.38mm~3.80mm
                    Color                    Transparent, milky white, brown, F green, ocean blue, light green, gray, black, red, purple, etc
                    Brand                    DuPont, ShouNuo, Jiahua, etc.
                    Glass size                    Maximum                    2200mm×6000mm
                    Minimum                    300mm×300mm

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